QCDNUM16.12 is an earlier version of QCDNUM which evolves up to NLO and includes a calculation of heavy quark structure functions in the fixed 3-flavor scheme.

QCDNUM16 is not maintained anymore but here are the source code, write-up and the example jobs workshop.car, mrsa.car and fpdflib.car (please remove the patchy directives).

Bug Found (January 2010)

A bug was found (thanks to Achim Geiser) in the renormalisation scale dependence of the light and heavy quark structure functions. The effect is, roughly, that the difference between the renormalisation and factorisation scale is applied twice so that the renormalisation scale error on structure functions is over-estimated. The renormalisation scale dependence of the pdfs is not affected. Here is source code with the bug fixed (version 16.13), but please note that QCDNUM16 is obsolete.